Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Victoria Baker- Is she the New Katherine Jenkins?

Victoria Baker- she's young, British, she's gorgeous and super she the next Katherine Jenkins? The main difference between them is that Victoria can actually sing- I mean REALLY sing!

I first heard her about 6 months ago at Carnegie Hall in NY and she blew me away. What a revelation! For one thing, she was a lot 'trendier' and 'cooler' than your typical operatic soprano. Wearing a low cut, form fitting red gown when she first stepped onstage the usual crowd of stuffy, classical music buffs actually perked up and I heard some "oohs and aahs". She's got a warm, rich sound full of expression. In fact, it was her deep connection to the music that impressed me most. She's got the Operatic vocal chops but she doesn't think like an opera singer- more like a Pop singer. When she sang the Habanera from Carmen she held the last note for about 1 minute and a half, with a sublime pianissimo and then threw a rose out to the audience! They went wild! Especially fun was her rendition of Franz Lehar's "Meine Lippen Sie Kussen so Heiss" as she took off her Opera gloves and threw them into the audience.

She was fun but she was great too! I tried to find out more about her. The real revelation was about two weeks ago when I checked out her MySpace page. Filled with Crossover/Josh Groban-esque and Andrea Bocelli like tracks- I was amazed at her versatiliy. But don't take my word for it, she's already got well over a million profile views.

An amazing talent and a breathtaking beauty...what can I say, I'm in love!

To all you anti- Katherine Jenkins listeners out there...Victoria Baker may be the answer!

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